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LogoHow Does Caregiving Affect the American Population?

The following statistics refer to caregivers who provide direct care to family members or friends:

  • Did you know that an estimated 120 million adult Americans (57%) either provide unpaid care to an adult relative or friend or have done so in the past?
  • Caregivers can spend an average of 21 hours per week on caregiving, with almost one-fifth (17%) providing constant care of 40 or more hours per week. Caregivers report their health as being lower than that of non-caregivers.
  • It is estimated that 1 in 8 caregivers will become injured as a direct result of caregiving.
  • Family caregivers who provide care 36+ hours per week are more likely than non-caregivers to experience symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Caregiving is an important responsibility.  There are more individuals in the United States providing care for family members than we probably imagined. However, there appears to be adverse health consequences related to this situation. According to statistics, the strain involved in caring for one’s own loved one – while managing other important necessities of life – can be immense.  And for many family members, it often hurts to confront this reality since the person receiving their care has played a significant role in their life.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to be able to receive quality care for your loved one, without compromising personal health and vitality? It would give family members more time and energy to enjoy their loved ones during this critical phase of their life.

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